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CObject Class Reference

Base class for vrq objects. More...

#include <cobject.h>

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Public Member Functions

void * operator new (size_t size, CObstack *stack)
 Allocate object on CObstack heap.
void operator delete (void *object)
 Destroy object.

Detailed Description

Base class for vrq objects.

Gives objects the ability to be allocated with CObstack allocators

Member Function Documentation

void CObject::operator delete ( void *  object  )  [inline]

Destroy object.

Does nothing as obstacks are release all at once.

object Object to destroy.
void* CObject::operator new ( size_t  size,
CObstack stack 
) [inline]

Allocate object on CObstack heap.

size Size of object to create.
stack Heap to use for allocation.
pointer to allocated object.

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