Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CAttrDeclaration object for holding lists of verilog attributes and their corresponding expressions
CBackendThis is the abstract class to overload to create new backend tools
CBackendAbortException thrown by CBackend::Process when plugin aborts due to an internal error
CBackendExceptionBase class for exceptions that can be thrown by backend plugins
CBackendExitException thrown by CBackend::Process when plugin terminates early without an error
CBackendFailException thrown by CBackend::Process when plugin terminates early with an error
CBlockDeclaration class for block constructs
CDataTypeBase class for describing data types
CDeclBase class for describing declaration objects
CElementAn element of compilation passed to and from plugins
CFrefForward reference declaration
CFunctionDeclaration object for functions and tasks
CGateGate declaration object
CGenvarDeclaration object for genvars
CInstanceDeclaration object for module and gate instances
CMacroDeclaration object for preprocessor macros
CNetDeclaration object for nets
CNodePrimary data structure representing parse tree nodes
CNode_prHelper class for building tail recursive binary CNode trees Used by parser
CNode_sp< T >Smart pointer for CNode class Creates safe references to CNode arguments Supports assignment, dereference, and equality operations
CNode_tripletHelper class for building tail recursive binary CNode trees Used by parser
CObjectBase class for vrq objects
CObstackBulk object allocation object
Coord_tStructure to hold file coordinates
CParamDeclaration object for parameters
CPortDeclaration object for module/function/task ports
CPortDirDeclaration object for input/output/inout statements
CSimpleTypeClass for describing simple builtin data types
CSpecifyDeclaration object for specify blocks
CSymbolHolder for character strings
CSymtab< T1 >Aux class used to create symbol table scoping
CUIntInfinite precision unsigned arithmetic class Storage within object will be used whenever possible
CVarDeclaration object for variables
CVectorBit vector class for implementing 4 state verilog signed and unsigned arithmetic
ExternalThis class is a stub that will be used to create linkages for external references
MessagePlugin's should need these
StrengthPair_tPair of strengths
SystaskClass method to query systask info